Our drive and motivation

If you get the right people in the right place, it really makes all the difference.

Yum and Chill began its journey with Taco Bell in 2014. Today they own and operate eight Taco Bell restaurants, with plans for many more.

Nirav, Rupal and Rooni of Yum and Chill bring over 20 years of management experience to the table. They know exactly what it takes to be a standout success in this industry.

That’s why they built Yum and Chill on continual innovation and development. They’ve shown that Yum and Chill is a business that invests in people wherever possible, with a reputation for creating best-in-class assets.

Yum and Chill have a shared mission to create a positive experience for every customer and every employee. They are committed to making a positive difference to the communities they serve.

Dedicated to expanding the Yum and Chill network, they are passionate about growing and sharing their love of good business, great food, friends and family. They continue to partner with great brands and grow with them.

The right team ... and the dedication
to make it happen!



Born To Think Big

The founders acquired four Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins restaurants in Tampa, Florida, then two more in the same year.


They add six more restaurants and win the prestigious Rising Star of the Year award for ‘best in class overall performance’.


They acquire and develop eight more restaurants – making twenty locations in all.


Yum and Chill start their journey with Taco Bell and open their first restaurant in Jersey City.


The Yum & Chill Scholarship Foundation is created, offering scholarships in every Y&C location towards developing the leaders of tomorrow.


Yum & Chill continues to grow with their 4th Taco Bell opening. They win the Best Remodel of the Year award for their Taco Bell Milltown, NJ location.


They open their eighth Taco Bell restaurant, with many more coming soon...


We built our first Wendy’s in 2022. Today we own and operate 3 Wendy’s restaurants with many more coming soon!


And The Journey Continues

Yum and Chill is a thriving business, with hundreds of employees and more locations to come!

Our Brands

  • Wendy’s
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  • Taco Bell
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